Installation Photos

The goal is for the gutters to blend with the house not accent it!

Since LeafLock does not rely on the existing gutter for support, you are guaranteed a clean, perfectly straight roofline that blends well and adds functionality AND aesthetics to your structure. And Because Leaflock does not put pressure on the gutter or allow it to glog with heavy debris, it helps extend the life of existing gutters as well.

LeafLock’s clean lines blend so well with your home’s exteriror, it will appear as if they are not even there. An array of color choices that blend with your shingle ensure you’ll be pleased with the final installation.

Owners of attractive and unique properties can preserve the special look of their property, whether LeafLock is installed on an ultra-modern metal roof, a traditional suburban ranch, or a turn-of-the-centry gem with historic significance. Because the product maintains itself and virtually disappears into the line of the roof, it’s versatility can’t be outdone.

Overall, Leaflock combines a stong and self-sufficient bracket, nose-forward design, and unmatched aesthetics to bring customers the best gutter protection system in the business.