Option 1: Gutters Only

You will be the exclusive dealer for the strongest and best gutter installation in your area .


LeafLock Gutter Installation is a free floating gutter attachment system that
eliminates screws and nails from puncturing the back of the gutter wall. This creates a water tight seal eliminating moisture behind the gutter, eliminating wood rot. The gutter can expand and contract and is backed by a lifetime transferable warranty.
This system will hold an incredible 59.68 lbs per linear foot.

LeafLock Gutter Installation dealers have
installed this unparalleled
gutter attachment system
on homes in over 30 states.

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Option 2: Leaf Protection over Existing Gutters

No New Gutters Are Necessary.

The patented LeafLock 1/8 in. extruded hanger and bracket will reinforce your customer’s existing gutters to make them stronger than ever before! The LeafLock panel can be installed under the second course or if you drop the gutters 2+ inches they can also be installed under the 1st course. With EITHER APPLICATION there is NO ROOF PENETRATION! Our system that will work on any roof and is backed by a lifetime transferable warranty.

Gutter Protection

Option 3: Total Package

LeafLock Gutter Protection works with Snaplock to produce a total system that is unmatched in the gutter industry.

Because the gutters are free floating, the LeafLock bracket floats on the hanger eliminating any buckling issues with the panel. And since the ROOF AND THE GUTTER ARE NOT PENETRATED, the gutter and the LeafLock panel can move independently creating a permanent water-tight seal unlike anything else on the market today.

The LeafLock bracket guarantees a perfect nose forward position every time and will stay that way for the life of the home.

Gutter Protection Gutter Protection

Gutter Protection

Why is LeafLock Different? "THE BRACKET!" Once installed there is nothing stronger or more permanent on the market today than LeafLock’s total package. We accomplish this by locking down the nose forward position of the LeafLock panel and supporting it from the nose to the shingle with no penetration to the roof or drip edge. This allows the panel to float on the strongest hanger in the industry.

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This is the surest nose forward position product in the gutter protection industry that I have seen in over 8 years! It cannot be installed wrong and my customers love the 1/8” thick extruded hanger & bracket! Also, it is perfect for all roof types and is fast to install. We cannot imagine trying to sell against LeafLock, ever!”—Steve Schmidt, Titan Gutters Sioux City, IA / Omaha, NE